Just because wine pairing with food is not an exact science doesn’t mean everything will work. One of the most absurd things we can hear is someone saying ‘Champagne goes with anything’. Really?
Have you tried a Blanc de Blancs with Cantonese roast goose. Or with entrecôte. And actually enjoyed it? Or Cornas with Chaozhou steamed pomfret or Belon oysters? Help!
Another thing which is ridiculous is to suggest that there is a so-called Asian palate. Is there, for example, a European palate? [...]

Ch’ng Poh Tiong

12 February 2015

The importance of matching food and wine

Along with carol singing, gift shopping and decorating the tree, choosing wine and food is a Christmas tradition that brings friends and family together. And just as we try to sing in tune, find a special present and make the tree look festive, we all want to have the best glass of wine possible with our different Christmas meals. So what are the best wines to drink this Christmas? [...]

Jane Parkinson

16 December 2014